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Surveys: Learning More So We Can Improve Service

October 23, 2023

Starting this week, you might see surveyors on the bus or at the RTS Transit Center. We're conducting two surveys: our Origin and Destination Study, and our quarterly Customer Experience Survey. Taking either survey is completely voluntary.

Origin and Destination Study

The Origin and Destination Study -- or O&D study, for short -- starts in Monroe County on Thursday, October 26 and runs through Sunday, November 12. Surveyors from Dikita Enterprises will be on-board buses to interview customers. The information they collect will help RTS with scheduling and operations planning; long-range planning and design; travel demand forecasting; and performance analysis.  They'll also collect customer descriptions of customer experience with RTS. O&D surveys are used by transit agencies across the country, and provide detailed information, such as ridership and demographic profiles by route; where people switch between modes of transportation; how they pay for fare; and where people board and disembark. Customers who complete the survey will be entered to win a $100 gift card.

Customer Experience Survey

The Customer Experience Survey is done on RTS Connect buses once each quarter by Level 7 Market Research and Research & Marketing Strategies. We ask customers their opinions on RTS service and their experience riding with us.  The feedback helps RTS determine what we're doing well and where we need to improve. Customers who complete a survey will receive an all-day pass.

Again, taking either survey is completely voluntary but we appreciate your sharing your thoughts!

Even when we aren't running a survey, we are looking for your feedback, ideas, and comments.  Share them with us by calling 585-288-1700 or visiting

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