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About RTS

Regional Transit Service (RTS) is a regional transit authority established by New York State with more than 1,000 employees who proudly serve customers and business partners in Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, and Wyoming counties. Recognized as one of the best-run transit systems in the nation, RTS connects the community by providing public transportation services to more than 10 million people each year. We carry out our mission by connecting our customers to jobs, school, healthcare, shopping, and recreational activities every day.


RTS Mission

We provide safe, reliable, convenient, and sustainable transportation.


RTS Vision

We connect the community.


RTS Values

  • Integrity: We are responsible stewards of taxpayer revenues. We are transparent and do what we say we are going to do while taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Respect: We value and appreciate the diversity and opinions of those we work with and those we serve. 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We embrace our wide variety of cultures, values, skills, thoughts, and experience which make us a strong organization.
  • Engagement and Collaboration: We actively engage and openly communicate with employees, customers, and the community.
  • Agility and Innovation: We embrace innovation in all aspects of our work and strive to bring it to life by being adaptive and flexible.
  • Performance Focus: We establish the outcomes that define our success and use a combination of data-based decision making and fresh thinking to achieve them.


RTS Vivid Description

During the latest strategic planning process, the RTS team created the following vivid description of what the organization will look like in 25 years if we are successful in achieving our vision.

Public transportation in our region will be thriving, and RTS will be the catalyst for making it happen. RTS will be at the forefront of a seamless regional network of transportation options. The connectivity within our region will be stronger than ever before, resulting in a vibrant urban core and connected suburban and rural communities.

When customers need a ride for work, medical, education, or leisure, RTS will be a top choice for how they get there – safely, reliably, and conveniently. Our commitment to leveraging the most advanced technology, while also choosing technology that everyone can use, will ensure we are accessible to all. Customers will count on us for great service and a great experience – because every interaction with our people, spaces, and systems inspires them to choose RTS again and again.

RTS employees take pride in their work, in our impact in the community, in being part of one unified RTS team. Our employees will be fully engaged by the mission and will see a clear way to contribute to the achievement of our vision. Through deliberate and sustained investments in our people and processes, we will see diversity at all levels and departments of the organization. Employees will be enabled and empowered to live well, both inside and outside of work. We will be known for having one of the top workplace cultures in our region, so much so, we will regularly have a waiting list to apply for open positions and celebrate retirements of multi-decade careers.

RTS will have a seat at community tables and will often be at the head of them. As a proactive convener on transportation-related topics, regional leaders, government officials, businesses, and other community organizations will look to RTS as the experts on emerging needs and innovations in public transportation. Government leaders and funders will recognize our value and advocate for sustainable funding on our behalf. This will enable us to quickly respond to changing community needs while ensuring we can stay ahead of the curve with the latest technologies, be a leader in climate solutions, and advance collective equity goals.

Standing shoulder to shoulder, we will work tirelessly as one RTS to ensure transportation is no longer a barrier. By addressing transportation access at the systems level while providing reliable, affordable options every day, we will be integral to addressing poverty at its structural roots. When every community member has the opportunity to get where they need to go, when they need to be there, we will realize our potential to be a vibrant, prosperous, and connected community for all.