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RTS Access

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General Rules

To comply with ADA, RTS Access service must uphold service criteria that’s comparable to the service criteria for fixed route service. Our goal is to provide a safe comfortable ride for you, your fellow passengers, and your operator, and we want you to be aware of a few important rules when riding.

Our Operators are Responsible for:

  • Assisting you on & off the bus
  • Securing your mobility devices and fastening seatbelts if assistance with the seatbelt is requested
  • Collecting your fare
  • Calling 911 in case of any medical emergency

You are responsible for:

  • Always conducting yourself in a responsible manner. RTS Access expects their employees to observe a standard of conduct that will not reflect discredit on the abilities and integrity of their customers; likewise, we expect the same from our customers.  
  • Having your ID, and exact fare when boarding; our drivers cannot make change.
  • No eating, drinking, smoking, or use of profane language while on the bus. Being considerate of fellow riders. Paratransit Service Suspensions for Prohibited Conduct (.pdf)
  • Carrying on only the number of bags that you alone are able to manage. Your packages must be secured and cannot occupy customer seating. If you have a shopping cart, it should not overflow or block the aisle. No bulky or hazardous items are allowed and only one shopping cart per group is allowed.
  • Limiting conversation with your operator while the bus is in motion to avoid distractions; this is for your safety, and everyone riding.
  • Remaining seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.


Door-to Door-Service:

Door-to-door assistance is defined as the exterior door of a residence or the public entrance of a building. You are responsible for entering and exiting your pick up or drop-off location on your own.

  • Your Operator will provide door to door service only, and will not enter your home, or any public establishments.
  • If you need additional assistance to enter or exit your location, please be sure to have your guest or PCA accompany you. Please review reasonable modification policy

A Personal Care Attendant (PCA)-Guest/Companion:

A PCA is a person acting to assist you with your personal needs. When you are unable to travel alone, or need assistance, we strongly encourage you to travel with a PCA, or guest/companion. 

  • Please do not expect your operators to provide service beyond what the ADA requires. Our Operators cannot perform services that would be considered the services of a PCA such as: pushing a shopping cart, carrying heavy packages, helping you through the door, or into or out of a building or residence. This is the type of assistance to be provided by your PCA and is outside of the Bus Operator’s function.
  • One PCA can accompany you on the bus; no fare is required.
  • One guest/companion can travel with you to and from the same destination as you. Any additional guests with the same origin and destination are available on a space available basis. Full fare is required for all guests.

Service Animals:

A service animal is an animal that has been trained specific tasks to assist you in your daily activities. Your service animal is welcome on RTS Access. No permit is required by you, but you may be asked to confirm that your animal is a service animal. If you are planning on bringing your service animal, please follow these guidelines…

  • A service animal must be under your control at all times; an animal showing vicious behavior will not be allowed on the bus.
  • If you need assistance getting on or off the bus with your service animal, please plan on bringing your PCA or guest to help you.
  • A service animal may travel near you, not blocking the aisle or if small, may travel on your lap. 
  • If your pet is not a service animal, be sure it is enclosed in a secured carrier; larger pets must be on a leash.
  • Animals providing comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. You may travel with these animals, but RTS Access will apply the same requirements as are applied to pets.


RTS Access has a lot of common-sense rules to ensure your safety!  Excessive no-shows or cancellations are subject to penalty, such as temporary suspension of service. You, your PCA, and any guests/companions traveling with you must observe our guidelines, policies and safety protocols, or risk penalties up to and including service suspension.

For a complete list of rules and policies please refer to our website.

Reasonable Modifications

A reasonable modification is a change or exception to a policy, practice, or procedure. RTS Access will make reasonable modifications when necessary to ensure you complete access for service unless…

  • Your accommodation would fundamentally alter the nature of our service.
  • Would create a direct threat to the safety of you, our customers, or our Operator.
  • You are able to use our service without the accommodation being made.

To have a complete understanding our policies and procedures, and what reasonable modifications are for RTS Access, please review our modification policy.


We are not able to guarantee or receive requests that specific Operators provide your transportation.  

Our Operators are not permitted to receive tips, but if you’d like to commend him/her for service provided, please call our dispatch office.


See: Hours of Operation and Calling RTS Access