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Rules of Conduct

Follow these Rules while using RTS services, using RTS facilities,while on RTS property, or while riding RTS buses. We have these rules to maintain public transportation services that are safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient.

Rules of Conduct for RTS Buses, Facility, and Property (pdf)
Normas de conducta en autobuses, instalaciones, y propiedades de RTS (pdf)

Thank you for your cooperation.

We reserve the right to suspend bus service or take any other necessary action for those who do not follow these rules.

The RGRTA Board of Commissioners adopted the “RGRTA Rules of Conduct forTransit Vehicles, Facilities, and Properties” policy (“Rules”), which provides RGRTA with legal means to exclude people who engage in prohibited conduct. The Rules include procedures for appeals. This poster is a summary and does not list all the Rules. The complete and full-length Rules are available on You can also view a copy at the Customer Information Desks at the RTS Transit Center or at RGRTA’s Administrative Office.