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RTS On Demand

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RTS On Demand?
RTS On Demand is a ride-sharing mobility option in which ADA-accessible vehicles provide service on demand within On Demand Zones. Customers can request rides through the On Demand app, website, or by calling Customer Service.

Who can use RTS On Demand?
RTS On Demand is available to everyone.

How much does RTS On Demand cost?
Curb to hub trips cost $1; curb to curb trips cost $3. Learn more on the fares page.

What's curb to hub? What's curb to curb?

  • A curb to hub trip is one that starts or ends at an RTS bus stop or Connection hub within an On Demand Zone.
  • A curb to curb trip starts and ends at points within an On Demand Zone without bus stops or hubs. You must be at the curb for pick up.

You must be at the curb, sidewalk, or safely next to the street to be visible and picked up by the On Demand vehicle.

When and where does RTS On Demand operate? Where can I go?
RTS On Demand is available in the following On Demand Zones: Brockport, Greece, Henrietta, Irondequoit, Lexington Av. Area, Pittsford/Eastview and Webster. Visit the Areas of Service page for more information.

How do I request a trip?
You can request an On Demand ride through the On Demand app (App Store | Google Play ), through our new website , or by calling Customer Service at 585-288-1700.
Read the Quick Guide (.pdf)   Guía rápida de RTS On Demand (.pdf)

How do I pay for a trip?
You may pay for On Demand rides using RTS Go mobile (via the Transit app) or smart cards, with RTS blue passes, or with cash. If paying with cash, please have exact change ready; RTS On Demand Operators can not provide change.

Do I have to request a trip in advance?
All RTS On Demand trips need to be requested up to 24 hours in advance of your trip. RTS On Demand can not accept "walk up" rides.

When can I request a trip?
You may request an RTS On Demand ride up to 24 hours advance of your trip.

What are the pick up/drop off windows?
The pick up and drop off windows are the time period to expect your ride to start, and the time period for when your trip will end.
Once your trip is confirmed, your pick up window is generally within 30 minutes of your  preferred time. Your drop off window is generally within 30 minutes of your requested drop off time.

Can I bring my mobility device onboard?
Yes, you may bring your mobility device on board. Make sure to indicate you are using a mobility device when you request a ride. When you create an account, you can save this information under "Special Settings."
Learn more: Read the Quick Guide (.pdf)   Guía rápida de RTS On Demand (.pdf)

Does my PCA need to pay to ride with me?
Personal Care Assistants (PCA) may ride for free with RTS Access Customers. When you request an On Demand ride, please reserve space for both you and your PCA.

Can I bring my service animal on board? 
Yes. Please visit Riding with an Animal for complete guidelines on riding with a service animal. Be sure to let us know you are traveling with a service animal when requesting a ride. When you create an account, you can save this information under "Special Settings." Learn more: Read the Quick Guide (.pdf)   Guía rápida de RTS On Demand (.pdf)

Can I bring my pet on board?
You may bring pets on board RTS On Demand vehicles by following specific guidelines. Please visit Riding with an Animal for complete guidelines.

Can I request a trip for multiple people at one time?
You can request a ride for up to 5 people (including yourself) at one time.

I am following my pick up time on the app. Why did my pick up time change?
RTS On Demand is a type of ride sharing service. Additional customers may be picked up and dropped off during your ride, or while you are waiting for your ride, and this may affect your pick up time. You will receive pick-up time updates through the app, or by calling Customer Service.

Are RTS On Demand rides guaranteed?
There are a few scenarios in which your request may be denied:

  • If your trip can not be completed during an RTS On Demand Zone’s hours of service
  • If your trip starts or ends at a point is outside of an RTS On Demand Zone
  • RTS On Demand is operating at capacity and cannot accept additional rides. In this case, please try again in a few minutes.

Why is there variation in my pick up or drop off times?

RTS On Demand is a public transit rideshare service. The software behind RTS On Demand assigns vehicles to trips based on location and demand.  When demand for rides increases, wait times or trip times may also increase. The pick-up and drop-off times provided are estimates based on your trip request. Because this is a ridesharing service, actual times may vary due to demand. Please understand that while we make every effort match your desired travel time, your wait or trip time may vary due to capacity and demand. If you must arrive at a destination at a specific time, please plan your trip to include a time cushion.

How long are typical wait times?

Wait times may vary, especially during high demand periods. Wait times can be as little as a few minutes to upwards of an hour.

Can I bring my bike on to an On Demand vehicle?
Yes. Bike racks are available on all On Demand vehicles. As on RTS Connect, bike racks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What's the penalty for cancelling a ride?
If you must cancel a ride, RTS asks that you do so as far in advance of your ride as possible. RTS will not penalize customers for cancelled rides.

How will I know which vehicle to board?
RTS On Demand vehicles are clearly marked with the On Demand logo. Before you board, you may confirm your trip with the Operator.

Should I tip my driver?
No, customers should not tip Operators. Although RTS On Demand is a ride-sharing service, it is public transit.

If you received great service, please let us know by contacting us online or by calling 585-288-1700.