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Complementary Paratransit (Monroe)

RTS Access provides complementary paratransit service in Monroe County.  Visit for additional information.

This service is designed to be comparable to fixed route and is specifically intended for people with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route transportation for some or all of their trips.

Eligibility certification is required to use the service. Certified customers reserve all their trips in advance and are transported within a service area that mirrors the existing fixed route service area ¾ of a mile around any fixed route.

These requests are either a fundamental alteration of service or present the risk of a direct threat and will not be considered reasonable under the ADA for trips using complementary paratransit:

  • Requests that would cause the Operator to leave the vehicle unattended for a lengthy period of time or lose the ability to keep the vehicle under visual observation
  • Requests that would expose the vehicle and its occupants to hazards (e.g., running off the road, getting stuck, reversing down a narrow alley
  • Requests for dedicated vehicles or special equipment in vehicles that is not required by ADA
  • Exclusive or reduced capacity transit trips
  • Service outside of service area or operating hours
  • Requests for the Operator to make intermediate stops
  • Request for a specific Operator
  • Door-through-door service (entering the interior of a building)
  • Requests to avoid certain customers
  • Requests to ride for free
  • Requests for the Operator to care for service animals
  • Requests that expose the Operator, customer or other customers to risk
  • Carrying or lifting a customer or providing other personal care services (e.g., request to wait with customer at a destination)
  1. Arrange a reasonable modification in advance when possible by calling 585.426.3520 or when scheduling your ride. (Please note: customers seeking approval to utilize complementary paratransit services may request a reasonable modification as part of the eligibility certification process. A decision will be made as soon as practicable.)
  2. Describe the modification you need and the reason you need it.
  3. Specify the date on which you need the modification and the length of time it is needed.

If you cannot make a request for a modification in advance because you were unaware of a condition or barrier at your destination until arriving, you may make the request at the time of service. Personnel at any subsidiary may consult with management before making a determination to grant or deny the request.