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How to Ride with RTS Ontario!

Get Ready

1.     Get There Early: Plan to be at your bus stop five minutes before the scheduled departure time. Buses deal with the same road conditions as everyone else. Sometimes they get lucky and hit every green light, and sometimes they get stuck in traffic. Getting to your stop early ensures you won’t get left behind no matter what happens. 

2.     Step Back: Stand back from the curb when the bus approaches. Keep children close to your side and away from the street. RTS Ontario buses get as close to the curb as possible to make it easy to get on board. So make sure you give the bus plenty of room!

3.     Take Your Time: Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and for the doors to open before you try to board. And make sure it’s the right bus before you board – just check the sign above the windshield.

4.     Get Comfy: Pay your fare. Take your seat. Enjoy the ride!

Additional Important Info

·         If you need help boarding, just ask the Bus Operator!

·         If you are located in a shelter, please stand up and step out of the shelter to let the Bus Operator know you would like to board the bus that is approaching.

·         For safety reasons, our Bus Operators are not allowed to re-open the doors or return to the curb once they depart. So please don’t chase after or pound on the bus after it pulls away from the curb. Don’t worry, another one will be along shortly!

·         Wait for your bus to pull away before crossing the street.

·         Remember to be careful when crossing the street: other vehicles do not stop for RTS buses like they do for school buses.

·         NEVER cross the street in front of the bus.

·         If you’re making a connection, please be at your bus stop at least five minutes in advance of the departure time.

·         Notify the Bus Operator if anyone is bothering you or another passenger.

·         Service animals come in all shapes and sizes, and are allowed on all RTS Ontario buses. If you are riding with an animal that is not a service animal, keep Fluffy in a carrier on your lap when you are seated. Bus Operators won’t allow un-caged, non-service or threatening animals onboard.

            If using a mobility device, please review your mobility device owner's manual for safety warnings – including its use on a transit vehicle.


Easy Riding Rules

Help make riding with RTS Ontario a great experience for everyone, please:

·         Wear Clothes: proper clothing, including a shirt and shoes is required.

·         Keep the Aisle Clear: keep packages, shopping bags, strollers, etc. in front of you or under your seat.

·         Keep Designated Seats Open: leave the front seats open for seniors, people with disabilities and those who may be traveling with service animals.

·         Keep Your Hands to Yourself: please keep your hands and arms inside the bus at all times.

·         Use Headphones: enjoy your music while you ride – but please respect others and wear headphones!

·         Put a Lid on It: keep food and drink in sealed containers while riding.

·         No Smoking: smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not allowed on the bus.

·         Speak Quietly and Politely: be mindful of your language and keep your voice low.

·         Don’t Carry Weapons: no weapons are allowed on the bus.

·         Use Common Sense: don’t wear inline skates or rollerblades on the bus. It will not end well. We want to make sure you and our other customers stay safe!

It is fine to listen to music with headphones and use cell phones for texting. But please keep phone calls to a minimum and try to talk quietly to avoid disturbing other passengers.


Be Aware of Wireless Device Theft

Theft of smart phones and electronic devices are a problem across the nation and in our community. Protect your property. If your phone or other device is stolen, report it immediately to local police department by calling 911.

Follow these Safety Tips when using your cell phone or mobile device when using RTS Ontario:

  • Don't play devices too loudly or lose track of your surroundings.
  • Use caution when using your phone at a bus stop.
  • Don't use your device near vehicle doors or while getting on or off the bus.
  • Don't lend your device to strangers. You might not get it back.
  • If you can, password-protect your phone.
  • If you have lost or left an item on an RTS Ontario bus, please call 585-394-2250. Items found on the bus can be claimed at 2930 County Road 48, Canandaigua, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For information, contact RTS Ontario at 585-394-2250 or email us at

For other tips, visit 
The Wireless Association’s website.



Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance - Securing Your Mobility Device

Operators are required to secure all mobility devices. Aids or other customers are not allowed to secure mobility devices. Mobility devices are required to be secured with 3-4 point securements anytime they are on the bus. We strongly encourage customers to utilize the shoulder and lap belt securement for your safety. Manual wheelchairs must be locked and automated mobility devices must be turned off