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Rochester City School District 

Welcome! The Regional Transit Service (RTS) is proud of its 30+ year partnership with the Rochester City School District to transport students safely to and from school. Below you will find information about riding with RTS to get you, or your child, to and from school this year. If there are any questions, please ask your friendly Bus Operator, or contact RTS Customer Service (585) 288 -1700 or contact us online.


Information for Parents

Transportation information specific to your student will be mailed to you from the Rochester City School District's Transportation Office. Watch for this to arrive sometime in August. Once you receive this information, take the time - with your child - to become familiar with his/her bus route and the following:

  • Express Transfer Service takes students from a stop in their neighborhood to and from their school. These routes do not stop in downtown area and go directly to Rochester City Schools.
  • Fixed Route Service refers to routes that stop in the downtown area. These routes are used primarily by students attending private and parochial schools, charter schools, and some public schools. From downtown, students transfer to a bus that takes them to their school.
  • Bus Passes are distributed to students by the Rochester City School District. They are color-coded to signify the type of service the student is eligible to use.

Questions about your student's transportation should be directed to the Rochester City School District Transportation Office. Many details are also provided on the RCSD website.


Information for Students

How to Use the RTS Bus and RCSD Smart Card ID Pass
1. Go to your RTS bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled departure time.
2. Look for the sign above the bus windshield to make sure you're getting on the right bus.
3. Climb aboard after the bus comes to a complete stop and the doors are open.
4. Show your Pass to the Bus Operator upon boarding for verification of photo and Pass type
5. Tap your card on the “bull’s-eye” on the farebox.
6. A “beep” sound confirms that your Pass is valid
7. If you are not entitled to transportation services through RTS, you will here, “card not valid”. In this case, you will be required to pay the $1 fare.
8. Take your seat and enjoy the ride!
Note: Please remember that free transportation to school is a privilege. If you attempt to use a Pass that is not yours, an ID that has been tampered with, or an ID that the bus farebox indicates is not valid, the Bus Operator is required to take it from you.

What you CAN do on the bus!
• Use earphones to listen to your music.
• Talk to your friends quietly. Be respectful of those around you.
• Keep the seats clean and the aisles clear.
• Sit in any seat except the very front ones - we leave those open for older adults and people with disabilities.

Bus Conduct Expectations
• Keep food and drinks closed or in a backpack. Enjoy them after your bus ride.
• Use appropriate language.
• Respect the people around you by using a low voice and, when the bus is moving, stay seated. If standing, hold on and stay in one place.
• Do not cross the street in front of the bus. Please wait until the bus has left and cross the street safely at the nearest crosswalk 

Where's My Bus? 

The Where’s My Bus? service provides you with real-time bus tracking information and automatic arrival time notifications. Here are three ways you can get Where's My Bus? info:

Get real-time information online


Download the RTS Where’s My Bus? app

Track your bus in real time, find bus stops, plan trips, save your favorite routes, calculate your savings, get service alerts, and much more with the RTS Where’s My Bus? app on your smartphone or tablet. Download at the App Store.  Download on Google Play.  
Learn how to clear your app's cache to keep info up to date.

Send a text or email

Text your bus stop ID number to 585-351-2878 or email it to with the ID number in the subject line. Within seconds, you’ll receive the next three bus arrival times for your stop.

  • Not sure where to find the bus stop ID number? Find the bus stop ID number on the bus stop sign. You can also search for the number by route at or call RTS Customer Service at 20105  for assistance.
  • At the Transit Center? The Stop ID for the Transit Center is 6000. If you are looking for a specific route, then text 6000, a space, and the route number. For example: Route 38 East Main -- 6000 38. This will give you the next three arrival times for Route 38.