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Coming Soon: RTS Go cards with VanillaDirect

August 01, 2022
RTS Go 150x150.png

By mid-August, you might notice a new feature on the back of an RTS Go card: a VanillaDirect barcode.

"A picture of the back of an RTS Go card with VanillaDirect. There is a barcode and the text powered by vanilladirect. 

We're partnering with VanillaDirect, a retail network that allows you to reload your RTS Go account at stores across Monroe County. This means you can add funds to RTS Go at stores like Walmart, Family Dollar, 7Eleven and more. View a map of all the locations near you. 

To refill a VanillaDirect-powered RTS Go card at a store, bring your RTS Go card to the cashier at a VanillaDirect retailer.  Ask the cashier to load your RTS Go card; you may need to show them the barcode on the back of the card. Tell the cashier how much you would like to add to your RTS Go card. Pay with cash or other payment options accepted by the retailer. (Note: the retailer may charge a fee for this service.  RTS does not set or control retailer fees.) Your card is reloaded and you are ready to ride RTS! Remember to keep your receipt. In the unlikely event that there is an issue with your RTS Go card balance, you will need your receipt to show RTS Customer Service how much was added to your card. 

If you already have an RTS Go card, it's still valid and can be used on RTS Connect and RTS On Demand.  But, RTS Go cards without the VanillaDirect barcode cannot be refilled at a retail location. They can be reloaded at an RTS Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or at 

If you want a VanillaDirect-powered RTS Go card, there are two ways to do this after mid-August 2022: 

  1. Purchase from an RTS TVM.
  2. Swap your current RTS Go card for a VanillaDirect-powered card. Here’s how: 
  • Bring your current RTS Go card to the front desk at the RGRTA Administration building at 1372 E. Main St., Rochester. The building is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm.   
    • Registered RTS Go card customers:  a customer service representative will swap your current card for a new RTS Go card with the VanillaDirect barcode. 
    • Unregistered RTS Go card customers: a customer service representative will take your current card to be replaced with a RTS Go card with the VanillaDirect barcode. This transfer process  may take up to 10 business days.  You will be contacted when your VanillaDirect-powered RTS Go card is ready to be picked up. 

If you have questions about this or any issue, please contact us at, 585-288-1700 or visit an information desk at the RTS Transit Center.

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